is an IP address used by several vendors of routers as a default address for the router in the network. Routers which use include D-Link, TP-Link and Netgear. Usually if you have router in your network and you type  in your browser address bar you should see administration interface of your router appear. If this doesn't happen and you see empty page or something else then there is a good chance that your router uses different IP address to identify itself.

If you don't get administration page on IP address then there is a chance that your router is using different address like or something is wrong with connection between your computer and router. You can try to perform following step to figure out what is wrong.

- Look up your router IP address. You can use instructions located on this page.

- Type in this IP address in your web browser address bar and press enter.

- You should see administration interface of the router.

Also note that in order to access your router administration interface you don't need to have a working internet connection. Your router is located within your local network so you can access it directly through wi-fi or tethered connection.

Default router passwords

If you got to router administrative page but cannot remember password of your router you can try following default passwords.

Netgear routers (default IP is use admin username and (empty) or 1234 password. You can also try admin as a password too.

D-Link routers use admin username and (empty) or admin password.

Linksys routers use admin or Administrator username and admin or empty password.

Belkin routers use admin username and (empty) password.

Please note that (empty) means password with no symbols at all: just leave password field empty.

If default password doesn't work then you may need to reset your router password. Each router has different way of doing it so you need to refer to your router documentation.

If you don't have documentation available then just google for your router model and "manual". Manuals for most of the routers are available online so this search should give you manual in PDF or some other easy to read format.